2015- 2021 Subaru Wrx/Sti Front Splitter V1

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Splitter Liner


WRX Front Splitter, STI Front Splitter
Fitment (designed for): 2015-2021 WRX/STI 

  • - Type: Subaru WRX body kit, STI Body Kit
  • - Made from Aerospace Lightweight ALUMINUM no ABS PLASTIC!!!!
  • - Made in the USA
  • - Comes fully CNC and professionally powder coated.
  • - Comes pre-drilled
  • - Fitment Guaranteed
  • - Hardware included
  • - Professional install highly recommended
  • Silver Splitter Rods Included!

LIPS NOT INCLUDED. The lip option shown above is to indicate which hardware to provide. Please email or call us if you have any questions.

What's the purpose of having a front splitter?

An automotive splitter is a modification typically found at the front of the car, containing a protruding flat surface acting as a firm extension of the front bumper. There are many different configurations as far as their aesthetic, and utilized material. The design and purpose mainly aimed at decreasing front end lift, which would equate to numerous performance benefits. When a car reaches higher speeds, it will accumulate air pressure build-up at the front of the vehicle. All of this air will end up going both above the car, as well as below the car (under the front bumper). When excess amounts of this air build up, the under-car air pressures build up. This increased air pressure contributes to lift, which causes the front end of the vehicle to lift up. This results in decreased traction on the road & a compromised handling characteristic. The key to alleviating this is creating positive downforce. The splitter forces the high-pressure air upwards where it builds up around the bumper, and ultimately migrates this pressure over the car resulting in reduced lift. The splitter is typically supported by rods to ensure that the splitter stays parallel to the ground, rods will also assist with the outside forces and elements endangering the integrity of the splitter.