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WRX Front Splitters

The WRX front splitter has always been the primary body kit for top-notch show car because of its awesome added appearance and features for a Subaru. The WRX front splitter not only added to the car so that it can look cool and sportier but it makes the car more aerodynamic. The main benefit that the WRX front splitter added to a car is aerodynamic advantages while driving at high speed.

When adding the WRX front splitter to your car, it will make you feel more prestige for owning the car as display and drive. Our innovative design of the WRX front splitter not only improves the vehicle's appearance but it also improves the car straight line speed and ability to take corners.

The airflow that creates the drag can be decreased with our WRX front splitter. When adding our front splitter to your WRX body kitscollection, you can avoid some air flow that is associated with drag force and unwanted turbulence for better performance. For faster acceleration and a sportier overall appearance, the WRX front splitter is a must have body kit for your Subaru.

Our Subaru WRX front splitter is made from the highest grade materials for durability and performance. With our innovative American craftsmanship, our WRX front splitter will fit your Subaru perfectly. If any problems occur after purchasing our WRX front splitters, WRX side splitters, or any of our Subaru WRX body kits, you can send us an email for immediate support. We provide 24/7 email support.



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