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Subaru STI Front Splitters

WRX STI Front Splitters

The best way to improve the curb appeal of any Subaru is by adding a great looking STI front splitter. A WRX STI front splitter gives any Subaru an instant facelift. The STI splitter takes an ordinary car and makes it look extraordinary. By simply adding a properly fitted Subaru front splitter, your car goes from humdrum to breathtaking. Like a supreme racecar goes from zero to 100 MPH in an instant this WRX STI body kit will instantly improve the value and appeal of your car. If you want your car to stand out from the pack, the STI front splitter will do the job. The STI front splitter gives Subaru’s a million dollar overhaul on a working man’s budget.

WRX STI Front Splitter Features

Popular Movies like the Fast and Furious series highlight awesome looking street machines that can cost millions of dollars. With our WRX STI front splitter, you can turn your car into a sporty looking car with few hundred dollars. Serious car buffs trick out their cars on small budgets, using effective WRX STI body kitsto develop original fast looking profiles car. The Subaru front splitter can easily make your car look fantastic, but also improves wind flow and aerodynamics. The STI splitteris a cost-effective way to improve speed, performance and eye appeal. But the WRX STI front splitter is more than just eye candy. The Subaru front splitter provides Subaru owners with a number of features and benefits, including:

  • Durability: The WRX STI front splitter is made of tough, long-lasting carbon-fibers.
  • Affordability: While your Subaru front splitter will look like it’s an expensive upgrade most models only cost a couple hundred dollars.
  • Eye Appeal: The STI splitter will take even a base WRX and make it look like a fast machine, designed for the race track and not the garage.
  • Improved Performance: This WRX STI body kit also reduces the lift and updraft in the front end and improves stability in the front end as well.
  • Increased value: You just improved the look and performance of your car. Even though your Subaru didn’t come off of the assembly line with a sports or racing package, it has the profile and the value now.

WRX STI Front Splitter That Is Made In The USA

While the WRX STI front splitter is not an expensive upgrade you still don’t want to waste your money by buying cheap aftermarket parts from an unknown vendor. When you buy the STI splitter or any WRX STI body kitfrom us, you can rest assured you are buying quality Subaru parts. All our Subaru body kits are American made that will last for a very long time, unlike most made in China Subaru body kits. Also at Aeroflow Dynamics, we offer a guaranteed fit for each WRX STI body kit that we sell. Buy your WRX STI front splitter from Aeroflow Dynamics and rest assured that your WRX STI body kit will fit perfectly.