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Subaru WRX Side Skirts

2002-2007 WRX/STI

2008-2014 WRX/STI

2015-2021 WRX/STI

2022+ WRX/STI

2013+ Subaru BRZ


WRX Front Splitters

WRX side skirts are a high quality addition to any Subaru vehicle because it creates a perfect balance between aesthetic appeals for the vehicle while enhancing the car performance.

Adding theWRX skirts to a Subaru has long been a part of the equation for savvy Subaru owners. Thanks to our made in the USA concept, car owners can now access to all American made body kits for their Subaru WRX.

Those who do not equip their WRX body kits with side skirts are missing out on a wide range of benefits. For starters, the vehicle is not going to have the same level of visual appeal. There is just something about the right side skirts that takes the aesthetics of the car to a different level.


Apart from making the car more appealing, side skirts are also used as a means of controlling the downforce that the vehicle generates while acceleration. Whether you are looking to improve upon a sports car or add a little bit of style and flair to your Subaru, side skirts are a great choice. They can also be utilized as a means of reducing drag and creating a smooth driving flow. Drivers often brag about the vehicle's ability to handle the tighter corners once they have installed the Subaru WRX with the side skirts. If you are a Subaru driver and have not upgrade your Subaru WRX with the WRX side skirts should do so today, so that you can get the maximum performance and appealing look for your car.

When purchasing at Areo Flow Dynamics, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Thanks to our helpful warranties and guaranteed fitment, the WRX side skirts will fit on your vehicle perfectly if it’s installed by an expert. If you have any issues related to craftsmanship within 30 days of purchase, be sure to contact us so we can assist you with the best solution.