The Advantages of Adding Diffusers To Your Car

When it comes to improving the overall visual appearance and performance of your car, diffusers are a great addition to any vehicle. But what exactly are diffusers, and what are the advantages of using them? Learn how diffusers work, if they can help, and if they are right for your car. 

What is a Car Diffuser? 

Often called a rear diffuser, this is an aerodynamic part that you can add to your car (typically around the exhaust) to improve its performance and appearance. Some have likened it to being a bumper lip, but for the rear of the car rather than the front. 

The Scientific Advantages of Car Diffusers

The main job of a rear diffuser is to increase what is known as the downforce of the vehicle in an efficient way. This improves a vehicle’s overall grip as well as reduces aerodynamic drag. Since air pressure flows from high to low naturally, the diffuser uses this principle to its advantage. 

Think of it this way: when your car is driving down the street air is passing over it-- and under it--  at high speeds, and at low pressure. If instead, the air was to pass through a rear diffuser, the air can expand within the diffuser. This will allow the low-pressure air to expand, increasing its pressure. When you have a difference in pressure between the high-pressure air at the car’s rear and the low-pressure air that’s under the car, it creates a vacuum-like effect. In addition to low-pressure air below the car, there’s high-pressure air above the car, which reduces drag and creates a high downforce.

To say it a different way, when you drive your car, you’re pushing it through the air quickly. And the laws of physics state that when you push an object through the air quickly, you’ll typically get erratic air behind the object. This is one of the primary causes of drag and slows your car down. A great diffuser gives that erratic air its own place to stabilize and slow down, reducing drag. 

So one of the major advantages of a diffuser is to reduce drag at high speed, helping to beat physics at its own game.

The Aesthetic Advantages of a Rear Diffuser 

In addition to the aerodynamic improvements that a rear diffuser grants, they are also one of the best ways to improve a car’s appearance as well. Choosing the perfect diffuser can make a car look more aggressive or unique. When paired with the perfect other custom updates, a diffuser can be the visual anchor when pulling together the overall look and style of your car’s rear. 

Choose the Right Diffuser 

Here at AeroFlow Dynamics we offer the industry standard when it comes to diffusers. All of our diffusers are made from high-quality aluminum and come straight from a United States-based factory pre-drilled with all hardware included, and a professional powder coat. Since every diffuser is masterfully CNC’d, we guaranteed fitment 100%.