Everything You Need To Know About Splitters

Learn the advantages of splitters and what they can do for your car. This includes information about the different options and benefits of each one. 

Splitters: What Exactly Are They?

A car splitter is an aero product for your car that typically extends from the bottom of a car’s front bumper. This body modification is designed to allow for your car to perform better, and potentially even reach higher speeds. They’re most commonly anchored into the bumper positioned so they are parallel to the ground. 

How Does a Car Splitter Work?

To explain the main principle simply, a splitter on the front of a vehicle helps to increase downforce when the car is driving at high speeds. Downforce allows for better handling and improved traction for enhanced performance overall. 

To go into more detail, we need to talk about the physics of what happens to a car when it’s being driven. A car that’s accelerating is pushing against air, causing what is known as air resistance. The faster a car goes, the more air resistance that’s present, making it more and more taxing for the car’s engine to create propulsion forward. As the engine works harder and the car picks up speed, it’s likely that air can get underneath the car. If the car is moving fast enough, that air can get under the car and push the car upward, causing it to lift. When a car lifts it’s harder to drive and experiences a loss of control and traction. When you use a splitter, you help to eliminate these issues.

A splitter does precisely what it sounds like. It splits the air that is pushing against the car. When air hits the splitter, it slows down and starts to build up pressure. As this air builds up, it presses the car’s front end down, combatting lift, and allowing the car to accelerate without as much resistance from oncoming air.

For a splitter to work optimally and create the perfect amount of downforce, it has to be positioned perfectly on a car. It has to be near enough to the ground to create a suction effect, but also not so low that not enough air passes under the car. In almost every case, a splitter that isn’t positioned properly will actually make your car perform worse than if it didn’t have a splitter at all. 

Choose the Right Car Splitter

Here at AeroFlow dynamics, we offer the gold standard in car splitters. Our splitters are all made from high-quality aluminum, so they’re lightweight and super durable, offering optimal performance. Additionally, since our splitters are each CNC’d here in the USA, we guarantee fitment no matter the make or model of car. 

All hardware is included and comes complete with a professional powder coat of gloss black. We highly recommend professional installation, but we’re happy to talk you through any questions you have.

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