Best Aero Products

Best Aero Products To Add To Your Honda

Even today Honda is one of the most popular and successful vehicle manufacturers. They prove to be an industry leader with their ability to change and adapt, and they offer quality vehicles at fair prices. They got their reputation the hard way-- by earning it car by car and staying loyal to their fans over the years. If you are someone who wants to optimize the performance and appearance of your Honda, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’re going to talk through some of the best aero products you can use to modify and customize your Honda. 


Canards may not make a massive impact in performance by themselves, but when looking at the fine-tuning and streamlining of any Honda’s performance, they play a key part. These small triangular pieces that you attach to the front bumper act as little “wings” on the front end of your car. They push oncoming airflow in an upward direction, which generates downforce. Adding canards to your Honda is a surefire way to fine-tune your car’s performance. 

Front Splitter

Front splitters can be added to the bottom portion of your Honda’s front bumper to help you dial in the performance you’re looking for (they make a nice visual addition as well). When you drive your car, it has to cut through the air, which isn’t easy the faster you get. This air is then forced under the car (and it's often high pressure). When you couple that with the low-pressure air above the car, you create a phenomenon known as lift (where the front end of the car feels lighter, and it’s harder to control). Splitters can help your Honda by actually “splitting” the air that’s coming toward your Honda. Splitters help to reduce lift and give you the downforce you need. Improve your Honda’s performance by adding splitters to help it hug the road.

Car Diffuser (Rear)

When you add a diffuser to your Honda, you’re adding a shaped section to the back end that helps to improve the car’s aerodynamics (it also improves the appearance of the back end as well). Diffusers help to balance out the airflow of the car for optimal performance. As a car drives, there’s intense, high-velocity airflow under it, but there’s also slower freesream airflow surrounding it. Diffusers allow a dedicated space on the bottom of the car to expand and deaccelerate. This helps generate downforce, and improves overall performance. 

AeroFlow Dynamics and Honda Go Hand In Hand

Here at AeroFlow Dynamics, we have an intimate, working knowledge of Honda as a brand, and their car’s aerodynamics. Our Honda-specific aero products are the industry standard when it comes to enhancing your car’s quality and performance.  

Every one of our parts is CNC’d in a factory in the USA, and has 100% guaranteed fitment for your specific Honda. Since they’re made with top-grade aluminum, they’re lightweight and durable (and resistant to fading, chipping, and rusting). 

All of our Honda parts come professionally powder coated, and will be the perfect addition to any build.

Begin the process of streamlining and enhancing your Honda today. Shop now for everything you need to get started.