Car’s Performance & Appearance

3 Ways To Upgrade Your Car’s Performance & Appearance

Car designs continue to evolve year after year, and our pursuit of aerodynamics and aesthetics is a never-ending journey. With more and more technology available to help us understand airflow better than ever, we’re able to continue to make advancements in aerodynamic design with each aero product we create.

The options are virtually endless when it comes to how you can customize your car. One of the most impactful customizations comes in the form of different aero products. They’re one of the few types of upgrades that not only improve your car’s appearance but also improves performance as well. 

In this article, we’re going to talk through three ways to upgrade your car’s performance and appearance. 

1. Splitters

Splitters definitely have an aesthetic effect on how your car will look, but that’s not all. True to their name, they actually do “split” the air that is coming toward your car while it’s driving. By splitting the air, it helps the car from being lifted by the air beneath it. Additionally, splitters do help the car experience a greater degree of traction, giving it a feeling of hugging the road. Splitters are some of the most effective performance enhancers for any vehicle. 

2. Canards

Canards go a long way to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of a car. They’re also known as dive planes, and they are affixed to a car’s front bumper. While they don’t make a massive difference, they’re especially helpful for getting every ounce of performance. The canards produce downforce by redirecting the air hitting the car upward. Think of canards as more of a cutting tool, fine-tuning your vehicle’s handling and speed (while also adding an interesting aesthetic to the front end). 

3. Diffusers 

An excellent way to improve your car’s appearance and performance is through the use of diffusers. A diffuser’s purpose aerodynamically is to increase the airflow and airspeed underneath the vehicle. They’re most commonly located on the back of the car and have an effect on the air pressure underneath. While a car is driving, the air pressure on the bottom of it is lower than the pressure on top. Diffusers use something called Bernoulli’s Principle to decrease air pressure as airspeed increases. Using a diffuser is an excellent way to improve your car’s appearance and performance. 

From Audi Splitters to Volkswagen Diffusers, and Everything in Between

Here are AeroFlow Dynamics, we show respect to every make and model, and welcome all of our customers into our community no matter what car they’re customizing. We understand the passion of each individual, and will do all that we can to make the dream car that you’ve been building in your head a reality. 

No matter what AeroFlow Dynamics products you’re using to improve your car’s performance and appearance, you can rest assured that it is 100% guaranteed to fit, and made with the highest quality aluminum right here in the USA. 

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