3 Benefits Of Adding A Splitter To Your Car

There are various ways to give the front end of your car a sporty look, but one of the most popular and beneficial methods is to add a splitter. Splitters are aero modifications that are most commonly attached to the bottom of a car’s front bumper, mounted in such a way that they are parallel to the ground. 

One of the reasons that splitters are so popular is because they are arguably one of the most visually appealing modifications for a car’s front end. But splitters go beyond just looking fantastic and distinct. 

In this article we’re going to walk you through the benefits of adding a splitter to your car, and why you should consider it as one of your next upgrades.

1. Car Splitters Reduce Lift

The faster you go in your car, the more air pressure that builds up on the car’s front end. This is mostly low-speed, high-pressure air that is forced underneath the car. Since there is already low-pressure air that’s being exerted on the top of the car, only one thing can happen: lift. Lift is when the pressure from the top and bottom of the car causes the front end of the vehicle to act as though it’s lighter. This causes reduced traction, and you lose the feeling of excellent handling, and typically causes drivers to reduce their speed. So one of the best benefits of adding a splitter to your car is reducing lift.

2. Car Splitters Improve Handling

Splitters not only reduce lift, but they can actually improve handling as well. When a splitter is properly installed, it acts like a wedge that forces high pressure upward. This pressure gathers around the bumper and then is forced over the car. When you couple that with the low-pressure air going under the car, it creates something called downforce. Downforce is a feeling of the car “hugging” the ground, giving it a feeling of increased traction. Downforce goes a long way to improve handling for vehicles at higher speeds. So another benefit of adding a splitter to your car is the improved handling and drivability you’ll experience.

3. Car Splitters Look Fantastic  

Aside from the scientific benefits of adding a splitter to your car (reduction of lift and improved handling), there’s also something to be said about the unique way it can transform the appearance of the front end of a car. The perfect splitter can add the right touch of low-profile pop that gives any car an aggressive, distinct look. 

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